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Galaxy J727A connectivity, android v.8.1.0

It used to be that I could connect my Galaxy to my iMac via USB and simply transfer photos. Not any more. 

I just spent over 2 hours talking or chatting with 5 techies, and it was only the last techie who told me why I can no longer connect via USB or even bluetooth. It seems that Samsung, in its infinite wisdom, decided, with the latest OS upgrade, to disable USB connection and limit bluetooth connection to use of SmartSwitch. I talked with a SmartSwitch techie during my leisure stroll down the Samsung rabbit hole, who informed me that SmartSwitch won't transfer individual files--it will transfer all files on the phone. So much for Smartswitch--I'm removing it from the phone. My Galaxy told me that I needed either SmartSwitch or Android File Transfer to transfer the files--bad intel. This was repeated by at least two of the techies, one of whom told me that if I had SmartSwitch on the phone, then File Transfer wouldn't work. 
Samsung might try training the techies so they are all in on the latest bad ideas and won't be instructing customers to download software that doesn't fix the problem. 2 hours wasted.
Hard to say what they people at Samsung wer thinking when they decided to limit connectivity. Hard to say if folks there are actually thinking of the customer. But I know this: if Samsung doesn't restore connectivity via USB or bluetooth, my next phone will not be a Samsung.