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Galaxy M31s Lag Problem on Screen Animations

Hi everyone,


I bought myself a Galaxy M31s and this is its 4th day. I am having this issue since I have bought the phone. A couple of hours after I open my phone it starts lagging on screen animations (opening a new app or changing between apps). There is no problem in apps or games, its just when I transitioning between them. If I restart the phone, it goes away but after a while it comes back.


Here is what I've tried;

  • Wiping the cache partition
  • Limiting animations (both from develepor settings and advanced features)
  • Updating apps
  • Freeing RAM



Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Galaxy M31s Lag Problem on Screen Animations

I apologize but you have reached technical support for products manufactured for usage in the United States. Please visit to find your country's support page.

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