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Galaxy NX Camera users in 2020; anyone out there?

I'm in the market for mobile videography. Recently purchased a Beast Grip to use with my smartphone. In my research I started thinking, "wouldn't it be easier if my phone had a lens mount;" and what a surprise, I found Samsung did it 7 years ago. I'm interested in getting a used one on eBay, but I'm hesitant to dive in because of the OS running on Android 4.2.2, Jelly Bean.


Is there a community of dedicated Galaxy NX users out there who are still using the device for phone videography? Has anyone tested third-party camera apps with it, like Filmic Pro or Open Camera? Can the device be flashed with a new version of Samsung Android OS, or perhaps flashed with a pure Android 10 OS like the Pixel? Has anyone tried testing out the device with different lens mount adapters or speed boosters? What's the HDMI output like on the Galaxy NX? Would it work well with an external recorder like the Atomos Shogun or Ninja?


This post was submitted for pure fun, in the time of COVID, July 2020.