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Galaxy Watch 3 Poor service

I sent my watch back to samsung 5 weeks ago for an overheating battery that burnt my wrist while I was driving.  When I got it back after 18 days the rotating bezel was not working properly so I sent it back a second time.  About 8 days after I sent it back I got a call from Samsung service to reveiw the repair on the watch and it was working ok so they sent it back. When I got it back yesterday it seemed to be good and I reset up the watch. Today after spending over 4 hours on the phone with verizon they could not reactivate the watch.  It seems that there is an issue with the virtual sim card that is preventing the watch and my S9 phone from setting it up for the verizon account that lets the watch operate in stand alone mode. When verizon called me back this evening they are going to send me a new watch because what ever the repair center did or did not do made the watch un-usable.  This is aweful and unforgivable.  Not only that but as a business owner this day cost me money that I can not recover.  So to this I say my mission now is to esure that everyone I know is aware of the utterly poor service provided by Samsung for their products.