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Galaxy Watch "back" button does not work

Hello, I have been with issues with my Galaxy Watch for a long time.

have had my watch for almost for 2 years now since I purchased when it just released for around $450 if I remember. The back button started to randomly work so as a workaround I started to press it a multiple times, it then needed to be pressed harder, now it just doesnt work.

No full reset or anything else has fixed it, I noticed this is a common issue with this watch, at least the initial released models, based on the forums previous comments.


I previously had the Gear S2 and decided to upgrade to this one since it was the newest model with built in GPS which I really needed and was going to make my life easier since I usually run multiple days in a week and didnt want to carry my phone.


Is there any support or warranty that can help get this solved since is confirmed a hardware issue and most of the formus talk about a known common issue that starts to happen after aprox 6 months of use.

Thanks in advace.