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Galaxy a51 camera pro mode

(Topic created on: 3/3/21 8:10 PM)
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How come pro mode only works well when you use the default camera app? 

If you use ANY other manual mode camera(change ISO or shutterspeed), it will automatically drop the exposure down to the darkest that it will render the image so dark it will be useless.

This did not happen with my J2 I'm just wondering why a51 is limited for users to use 3rd party pro camera apps(free and paid)

Pro shot, camera fv 5, manual camera, footej, open camera,  freed cam, etc.

SAME EXACT THING. changing ISO OR shutterspeed will make the image and viewfinder so dark it's useless. 

I'm hoping there's a workaround or an update samsung can do to make users be able to make their paid 3rd party camera apps usable for this camera phone


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