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Galaxy unpacked August 2022 repost!

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Hey Community fam!


Are you ready for UNPACKED on WED 8/10, at 9A ET?



Screen Shot 2022-08-01 at 5.28.08 PM.png



Innovation isn’t just about radical ideas; it’s about unlocking new experiences that transform our daily lives for the better. Meaningful innovations go beyond the technical and provide a platform upon which our everyday lives become richer and more versatile — opening us up to greater possibilities than ever before.






To see how these possibilities will come about, join Samsung Electronics on August 10 to learn how the company is pushing boundaries, defying conventions and opening doors to new experiences. Galaxy Unpacked will be streamed live on Samsung NewsroomSamsung.com and Samsung’s YouTube channel beginning at 9:00 a.m. ET on Wed, 8/10.






 Head here to read up on the foldable-smartphone innovation behind this event.


Head here to check out the upcoming Unpacked event and see how it connects us to the "new normal" of today.


Head here for pre-order deals and info.


Drop a comment below to start the conversation on what new products and innovations YOU'RE most excited for! Are you pumped for the LIVE Event? Chat below!



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Can't wait!
Other Mobile Devices
Here are a couple things that I want to see.
1. Will Samsung change their model number nomenclature given the fact that newer phones and tablets are using Snapdragon processors? Here are some examples for the Fold 4.
• SM-F9361: Unlocked eSIM variant (NOT a carrier variant, replacement for U1 models). Having the model number ending in 1 instead of U1 means that the phone will work with ANY SIM card (internationally from the CSC itself, including Korea, USA, Canada, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, provided that the user makes calls from the home SIM for at least 5 minutes) as well as additional language support.
• SM-F9362: Unlocked Duos (2 physical SIMs) variant. As I said, models ending in 2 are better than those ending in U1/DS for the US market.
(If Samsung does not use these model number patterns by the beginning of next year, then the App Languages feature could be meaningless in Korea, USA, Canada, Japan, and CN/TW/HK. Supporting more display languages is a must.)
2. Will we see more Samsung Health integration, just like in Apple Health? JRNY by Bowflex rocks!
3. If someone is feeling a little bit retro, if the device is not fully unfolded, there could be a virtual D pad, similar to the Galaxy Folder sold in mainland China.