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Galaxyy A51 RAW support inquiry - pls hlp

I've recently purchsed aa Galaxy SM-A515F/N variant and I'm trying to figure out if I can shoot photos in raw format.
By default I understand that samsung doesn't let you choose this option in the built incamera app
(and niether pro mode)
From what it says here -
and here

It's suppose to be supported via the CAMERA2 API , at least on the main 48MP camera.

So I tried a few apps that state RAW support on android
(Lightroom, opencamera...), but for some reason I don't see this option availble for me.
So I installed the camera2 probe to scan my phone for the GCAM2 API and it state Hardware support level limited (only)
on all camera ID's (0 1 2 3).

So now I'm confused and a little over my depth?
Is it possible to somehow take RAW photos with my phone model?
Can someone please explain to me why is there a difference between the info found on the web and the scan on my phone?
- What am I missing here ?
please advise if and how I may be able to shoot RAW photos on my phone.

Thanks in advance!