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Gear S3 touch screen quit working

Like so many others, I am also having prblems with my touch screen on my Gear S3 watch.  Tried all the tricks of rebooting, resetting and wasted my night.  And your web site is quite possibly the most frustrating web page I have ever had to navigate.  Was getting ready to buy a new S20 phone but now I think I am going iPhone 12 and an apple watch.


Your customer service is either inept or you simply do not care.  


Very disappointing from a life long Samsung consumer.



Re: Gear S3 touch screen quit working

I hate to say this, but your best results are going to be searching the web and or this forum for tips on how to fix the problem. I also have the gear S3 watch, but luckily I'm not having any touch screen problems.

Here is a link and hopefully something in this link will help you.

I know what you mean about the Samsung phone support being very mediocre. I assume that's what you were talking about 800-Samsung.

good luck...

BTW don't go to iPhone. Samsung phones have lots of advantages.