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Glaxy M31s restart with no reason - damaged mother board after OS update

(Topic created: 11-25-2021 02:39 AM)
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My SAMSUNG M31s motherboard got damaged due to recent OS update,  this was certified by one of the SAMSUNG service center in Kerala, Kannur. However the device was passed its warranty period and then they refused to repair the phone even though it got damaged due to OS update.  I have raised this to SAMSUNG support team but they never mind this issue and keep neglecting my concerns. I have even approached many other experienced SAMSUNG service mans, they also agree that the device got damaged due to OS update and there is no permanent solution unless SAMSUNG can do anything. This is a serious issue that, as a customer I spent a huge amount on mobile phone and its getting damage only after 1 year usage which is due to SAMSUNG manufacturing defects.  I have sent 15 -16 emails to SAMSUNG support team but i never get any proper response. I request here the concerned team look at this issue and do the needful. 

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