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Google Play Store disappeared and Samsung Members keeps crashing

(Topic created: 05-25-2021 06:37 AM)
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I've had my Galaxy A3 2017 for more than 4 years now and it's mostly been working fine (except I keep getting the "storage dangerously low" notification no matter how much space I free up). I'm not sure if the following piece of information is relevant, but yesterday I tried using google meet for the first time on my phone. My phone warned me that this app was being very taxing on my battery life, so I put it to sleep after I was done using it. Everything was fine up until a few hours later. I was browsing facebook on my app and I kept getting notifications such as "google services has stopped" or "samsung members has stopped". After restarting my phone, I noticed that my play store icon was gone. I checked online, and everyone says to check if it's disabled, but it's not. I have no "disabled" apps, and play store is simply not on my list of installed apps. I tried wiping my cache partition, but that didn't do anything. I keep getting the same "samsung members has stopped" notification at random, and my phone tends to stutter when scrolling through apps. Clearing cache for samsung members didn't do anything. I tried installing a play store apk file, and it asked me if I wanted to "install an update to this built-in application" (implying that the app is installed). When I went "yes", it said "app not installed". Youtube doesn't let me run it because "it won't run without google play services, which are not supported by your device". I can see google play services on my app list, just not play store. At this point I think I might just have to perform a factory reset. Any ideas?
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