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HELP! Selecting too much text

(Topic created: 03-30-2023 05:17 AM)
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Lately, when I try to move the cursor or typing bar, whatever you want to call it, instead of putting the bar in the middle of the word, or selecting the letter, it selects the whole word. Sometimes it selects several words!
It won't let me deselect the word(s), and if I tap off and tap the spot again, it just does it again. This has led to several cases of half my sentence disappearing without me noticing when I'm trying to add an apostrophe or change these to there after realizing I made a typo.

I cant find the setting to turn this off. Someone help.
In case it matters, I have a Samsung Galaxy A71, I believe.
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Cosmic Ray
Other Mobile Devices
Maybe go into your keyboard settings and adjust the long press time. I use Smartkey keyboard. There is a slider to adjust that.