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Heat sensor on the galaxcy j4

Anyone else have an issue where the heat sensor on the j4 claims that your phone is over heating even when its not actually over heating. For example, i would be watching a video some 5min and others 1hr movie, it would be downloaded on my phone pre before and wifi would be off i have dark mode on light on low and the phone is relitivly cool if not cold even, or i would be texting and it randomly pops up saying that your phone is over heating and beeds to cool down because the phone is over heating or it would actually force shut down the phone.i habe troed factory resetting the phone, clesring cache partions in the safe mode option and thats about all i could fine as suggestion in fixing this officially, unofficially i went on various forms and on youtube saying rooting the phone is an option thst could fix this, but doing so would also mean breaching samsung terms and services. Another i found was on youtube where they physically went inside the phone and removed what i belive was the sensor chip, but doing so is risky for not all comments about it was a happy one. What i am asking is, is there a way for me to turn off the sensor or could we expect an update for this phone in allowing us to do so, because as i notice thst we j4 users are still getting updates, one as recent as september 1st 2020.