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How do I set OS updates for Wifi only?

I have a Samsung J3 Orbit, model number SM-S367VL

According "About Phone" section the hardware version is S367VL.04

Android version is listed as 9  and One UI version is listed as 1.1


I would like to set my phone so that OS updates only download over wifi.


I use a pre-paid service & have a limited amount of data which comes with each service card. If I run out of data & want more I have to buy another service card or a seperate data card.

A recent automatic update download consumed 120 MB of my data without even notifing me there was an update until it popped up saying it was finsihed downloading (I had 180 MB at the time so this ate most of it). Then just the other day I tried to use my phone to look up a web page & another auto download started & consumed whatever was left of my data before I could even turn off the data connection.


I pay for my data in limited amounts & I want to use that data to browse & look up things when no wifi is available; I do not want automatic updates devouring my data like Prader–Willi syndrome whenever I turn my mobile data on to use the web. 


I have searched google & had multiple chats with Samsung's support people.

Google turned up useless outdated instructions & the support people just gave me links to the same useless results I got from google.


The main problem seems to be that the option was moved (or god forbid, removed) in the One UI, and Samsung's own tech support doesn't even know where to find it. In fact the support person I chatted with today didn't even seem to know that the UI had been changed.


The support folks tell me to go to "software update" in settings, click it, and "check the box" to download over wifi only.

Haha! It is to laugh! There is no longer such an option in "software update", clicking software update only has two options  "check for updates" & "check software version". Clicking either of these options just runs their respective functions & neither displays any options about downloading.

When I explain this to tech support they become completely stymied & start giving me more useless links about how to turn off auto updates in google play, samsung store, etc. like they are brain defective & don't understand the difference between 3rd party apps & the f-ing OS.


I also found a setting for "security updates", however it is already set to wifi only; if this is the setting for OS updates, then it is not honoring my setting!


Does anyone how the to set OS updates to "wifi only" in the new UI?



Re: How do I set OS updates for Wifi only?

Although I've never had a J3 Orbit you can do this with a J3 Achieve, go to System Updates, then there should be a button that says "Automatically update over Wifi" if you press it this should solve your issue, again I don't know if this works on the J3 Orbit but it works on my J3 Achieve.