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How safe is my phone from malicious activity or being compromised

Typically I'm not one who updates and adds personal applications via beings I feel like my emails pander Google information is being monitored or overridden due to device lock outs

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Re: How safe is my phone from malicious activity or being compromised

Malicious apps generally rely on user engagement to function. Essentially, "malware" will come in the form of apks- being that they're executables like EXE on Windows. Once installed some exploit permissions, loop holes in older OS or patch (rare), the user's naivety, etc. 


The extent at which malicious apps can ruin a phone vary. There's supposed a mining one, haha. But seriously, depending on the OS ver, a bad app might run an overlay, listen to clipboard changes, tax the CPU, cause popups on any screen, and so on...


So what does this mean? For starters, don't install apps from nerve rattling websites. Ideally you should stick to the Galaxy or Play Store. 


Can you infect your phone from visiting an unusual site or popup? No not directly, however, nasty web code can overwrite the user's history so that the previous entry is re written with their url. You might see, "your phone is locked blah blah, install cleaner to disinfect". Of course, by adhering to their suggestions you're voluntarily allowing a strange app to run. In rare cases people fall victim to the FBI ransomware lock, which pressures the user to hand over gift cards for unlock. If I'm not mistaken, it exploits basic permissions. Anyway...


All in all, the best measure is sense. Shady sites host shady things. 

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