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How to get around forgotten screen lock Galaxy a03

(Topic created: 01-13-2023 05:39 PM)
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I have registered my A 03 and it shows up on my account but when I go to "find my phone" so I can unlock the screen because I forgot the pin it's not there!!! So how eode can I unlock my phone!? Nearest Samsung store over 2 hours away so I need remote assistance!!! 




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Good evening TexaSGirl35 I hope you're doing well, I'm sorry to hear that you're having trouble unlocking your phone.

Through the Samsung "Find My Mobile" method, did you have your AO3 tied to your Samsung account? That would be the way it shows up when you try that method.

The second method for unlocking your phone would to perform a factory reset on your phone. This method does erase the data that's presently on your phone, generally for this method you want to be certain your phone's data has been backed up before hand before doing this.

To do this if you're certain you have a backup: Pressing and holding the power and Volume down buttons until you see the Samsung logo will take you to the boot menu where you can select the reset option.

I hope this helps.