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How to move apps to SD card safely?

I have a Samsung Galaxy J3 Orbit and I just got my Samsung evo plus micro sd card that's 128gb. I have never used a sd card before. So for apps that has the availability to be moved to the sd card, how do I do it safely and properly? Also for apps that can't be moved to the sd card and if I wanted to send, upload, and share pictures, gifs, and videos through the google photos app (if hypothetically google photos app is moved to the sd card) through apps that can't be moved to the sd card, can I still access and send, upload, and share those pictures, gifs, and videos like normal? If so, how? Just for a little fyi all of my photos, gifs, and videos are on the google photos app only. I don't have any pictures, gifs, and videos in the gallery app. 

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: How to move apps to SD card safely?

This would depend on what the Google Photos app or any app allows to be moved to the SD Card. Everything does not get moved, just the portion that the app allows to be moved. That being said, you would have to either try it or ask the app developers directly.