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How to recover data from dead Samsung A20

My 7-month old A20 literally died last week. Would not power on. Black screen. I switched it out yesterday under the warranty, but it was not backed up so there is tons of data I can't transfer to the new phone.  Last night read that data from even a dead phone can be recovered by computer using a utility like FoneDog. Does anyone out there know if this is true or am I just out of luck? (I would beg TMobile to let me access the phone with my laptop if it's possible to recover my data using a utility tool!)


Re: How to recover data from dead Samsung A20

Have you found an answer yet? The screen of my S8 died and although my insurance covered a replacement, opening the phone requires a password and with the touchscreen not working I can't get in and use Smart Switch to transfer my data. To make matters worse, the SD card is encrypted and can only be unencrypted on the original phone. AAARRRGGGHHH!!! Was hoping you found an answer that might be useful for my issue. 😔