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I learn from Samsung - How to trap customer into mud

I have purchased A21s under Samsung Employee Purchase program
Order ID is 33337671231
Defective product was delivered
I talked with customer care , dropped so many mails and even dropped mail to the CEO also.
But No one has provided a solution & everyone is having the same response. You haven't informed us within 24 hours so we bear the loss. 
In this pandemic, when GOV is requesting not to touch delivered products for 1,2 days, how can someone raise a complaint within 24 hours ?
So finally I use my brains & come to decision that Samsung is running one scheme to sell defective product which is Samsung Employee Purchase program
My colleague was asking for the  Samsung Employee Purchase program. I have explained all the story and saved him from the pain which I am suffering from.
It was my fault to select Samsung Employee Purchase program 
If I had  selected Amazon or Flipkart, I would have a solution as they are assuring a return within 7 days.
Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: I learn from Samsung - How to trap customer into mud



I recommend reaching out to your employer to see if they can provide a contact number for you to further assist with your concerns. You can also try taking a look at this to see if it is any help to you.