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I'm a complete Caveman!!

(Topic created on: 1/22/21 10:48 PM)
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Anybody have a clue what to do about a blank, blacked out, cracked old Galaxy core prime, maybe I can see ten percent of the screen, but its fuzzy, that I tried hookin it up to my new Galaxy A01 phone with cords and used that smart switch app to try an get my old contacts & media an whatever else I could transfered on to my new phone????? Plus I tried takin the SIM card out of my old phone an tried putting it in my new phone, but the SIM card holder tray had one SIM card in it an the holder/tray had room for another SIM card, It looked like anyway, so I tried putting the old SIM card in the new phone but it was to big, an wouldn't fit in the new phone!!! So my caveman instincts kicked in,  an I grabbed this simple but Hi Tech thing called scissors an I tried just trimming some edges of the old SIM card, but didn't cut into the circuit board part of it an it still didnt quite fit in the tray, so I just stopped trying an went back to my cave an banged my head on the wall an knocked my self out, woke up an thought.......I got a brilliant idea, an thought somebody around here would possibly be able to explain to this caveman, in English, if I can get my old phone & stuff on to my new phone?? I'd really appreciate it. I'd even send ya a real nice polished rock or something! THANKS A LOT.....

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