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Inquiring for recording Audio through 3.5 Jack

(Topic created: 03-04-2023 07:22 AM)
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My Question is, I want know how I can record Analog Audio, from an Audio Source , Example, From My DJ Console, a Pair og Pioneer Cdj Nexus 900 's through the Outputs of my Rane XP 2016 Analog Mixer, utilizing it for direct Audio Recording for the Best Stereo. In My Previous Success Recording, I used the most basic product called the I-Rig (cost of about $7.00's).
It is small adapter with a male 3.5 connection functioning as an output. The other end is a 1/4 Female connection to.recieve output from my source being my DJ Rane Mixer sending Audio from the pair Pioneer CDJ 900'S.... The Audio Source is Attenuated from adjustable Volume, the I-Rig Adapter is designed to.compress and limit to Frequency, to keep from distorting the signal and it does try to simulate a Stereo Affect.. I previously able to record straight through to several different apps, oveririding to keep.from not allowing any application from auto setting the use or function of the External Mic. To sum it up, I wanted ask, since I no.longer see Any micro settings for a custom set up, with the Internal or External Mic and it's use.... whether it be for the Camera App, the Audio only App, or any of the Social Media Facebook, Instagram, for which I'm trying to avoid the apps from using an open external Mic, causing an Hallow affect, as well allowing other ambient sound, Like Dogs barking etc, to come through....
So, How do I set any application on my Samsung Galaxy A03s Phone,to accept a Direct Audio Line Analov Stereo signal, (Especially On The Camera App), using My I- Rig Adapter???
Thank You...

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I couldn't follow more than half of what you wrote. Sorry. A lot of great detail though, which is more than what is usually posted here. Kodos to you.

Myself, I usually use the screen recorder in the quick access menu to capture both the audio and video directly, the stip the audio using another app and save it as an mp3 file, which I can use as a ringtone or notification sound.