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Is there any way i can screen mirror a Samsung A20 with a dead screen?

(Topic created on: 5/9/21 1:23 PM)
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I have a Samsung A20 that recently just broke due to dropping it on accident, the screen itself isn't cracked but the phone is barely responding and the entire screen is dead meaning i can't see anything besides the couple of times I turn on the power button and i see some dead pixels. Sometimes when i try turning it on, i do get some vibrations though which means i can at least put my password in but thats about it.


I've been able to plug my phone into my laptop and recover some of my files, however i haven't been able to recover all of them because i still need to actually use my phone to be able to do that. So I was looking into being able to Screen Mirror my phone onto either a laptop or another phone, but everything I search hasn't really come up with how to mirror a phone with a Dead Screen. If there's any way for me to mirror my phone to another device without having an app already downloaded on my Samsung, please tell me.

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