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Issues after Android 13 update on A32

(Topic created: 03-08-2023 01:13 PM)
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Ever since I did the update my phone has been acting wonky, it lags and is jumpy making typing a very long tiresome task. My S/O has the same phone and did the update at the same time but her phone is fine. I've restarted it numerous times and cleared the cache to no avail. Any ideas on what I need to do to fix it?
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Community Manager
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Hello, There, and welcome to the Community! I would recommend first wiping the cache partition. Sometimes a bunch of temporary files will get stored up and can cause things to be a little wonky if it's using up a lot of space.   


Please try this:

  1. With the device off, press and hold the Volume Up key first, then the Side key. Continue holding while the device powers on.
  2. When the Android logo displays, release all keys and wait until you see the Android system recovery menu options.
  3. Press Volume down to highlight Wipe cache partition, then press Side key to select it.
  4. Continue using the Volume down and Side keys to confirm your choice if prompted.
  5. When complete, highlight Reboot system now with the Volume down key and select it with the Side key.


From here if the lagging continues, it could be a third-party application that could be the cause, the way to test this out is by putting your device in Safe mode. 



If it works fine in safe mode, third-party app is not liking the recent update, you'll have to find out which one it is by removing one app at a time. Try seeing what apps you have vs your S/O, that may help narrow it down. 


Last thing you can do for a laggy phone after an update is to just perform a factory data reset. Make sure to back everything up prior to doing this though. 





I hope this helps, Please feel free to send one of our moderators a PM, if you're still having issues. You can just click on our name and select the message option. We're here for you!