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J7 Crown frp locked

i bought a j7 crown about 2 years ago from a girl i at the time was friends with but i then found out she lied about the phone i bought from her. i had broken a phone of mine i was using and didnt have the money to buy a new one so a used to be friend of mine offered to sell me a phone she had recently stopped using, which was the j7 crown im asking about now. little did i know upon recieving it from her and already exchanging the money and phone, it was locked. for what reason i couldnt tell you. i tried multiple times to get the information to unlock it but eventually just gave up and chalked it up as a loss and went without a phone for a bit. now my situation being somewhat similar besides i didnt waste money on a already locked phone, i just have too much money outgoing for bills and such to be able to buy a new phone. so im really hoping i can get this thing working instead of just being SOL more or less.