J7 Screen Flickering Low Brightness and Unlocking


J7 Screen Flickering Low Brightness and Unlocking

For a while I had issues with the bottom 3/4 of my screen flickering in low light. I tried all the things I found (safe mode, deleting cache, factory reset) and nothing worked. After a while my screen began flickering when I locked it and occasionally when I tried to unlock it as well. Now I have to sit trying to unlock my phone for 5-10 minutes or pop out the battery and wait until the phone turns back on to use it. It's very frustrating and it's starting to become unusable. 


I bought my phone from Walmart under Boost Mobile in October 2016. I can't find anything from Boost to fix the issue or send it in and there's no stores around me from either Boost or Samsung that could look at it. 

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Re: J7 Screen Flickering Low Brightness and Unlocking

Hello @userwui4jk8p9T

Considering what all troubleshooting you've tried, it would probably be best to contact Samsung for an evaluation and repair. In that case, definitely reach out to Samsung directly via Phone (1-800-SAMSUNG/1-800-726-7864), Twitter, or even Facebook. Naturally you can also reach out to Boost over the phone to see if they have a different option you might like more or maybe someone here in the Community has some other ideas!

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