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J8 2018 New! See when friends are typing never goes away

Samsung J8 2018.




I reset my phone the other days and everytime I go to messages on it. It comes up with " New! See when friends are typing ". I've got the otion of No, thanks or Agree.


I've clicked No thanks every single time on this message. Everytime I go on my messages this pops up asking me over and over again. Relentlessly asking and never stopping.

I don't want to agree to it. I want to know how do I disable what ever this is permanently so it never asks me to accept this setting.


I've also gone onto the three dots on messages, setting, chat settins, this message pops up here. I've also put no thanks there and all it's doing it still coming up.


All I get Is there is a problem connecting, please try again later.
Try what again later. decling it.


Please someone help me.