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LTE Active 2 Availability - TERRIBLE

I've been in the market for a smartwatch for the past 6 months. I delayed all decisions once Samsung announced the Active 2 Smartwatch. Weeks later finally learned when it would be released -- Sept 27, great, I can wait another month. September 27 comes, and the LTE is not available. It is nearly a month later, I've been checking stores availability as well as Samsung's website, and see no information on to when this will be available. WHERE IS THE TRANSPARENCY OR COMMUNICATION!!!?? It looks embaressing that is tragically diminishing your brand image. Was a mistake made? Own it and keep the users in the loop. No other competitor would handle a product launch so poorly. Fossil, Apple, etc, go to their store after a launch, and the product is AVAILABLE. What are you hiding Samsung?


Re: LTE Active 2 Availability - TERRIBLE

I happened to be on the website on October 8th and saw the LTE model was available. I jumped on it and ordered. I received mine yesterday. But funny thing is after the website made it available, it was gone the next day almost. You pretty much can't order it anymore for now.