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Latest Update Breaks A50 Phone

Hi guys.


Phone's been great since I got it a few weeks ago, until yesterday's update (27th Aigust 2019)

  1. IMS Service keeps stopping, pop up every 4-7 seconds (as well as every time either GBoard or default kyboard opens)

  2. keeps stopping, pop up every minute or so

  3. Opening notifications, unlocking phone, typing all glitchy and slow.

I have tried the following to no avail

  • Updating all apps

  • Have newest OS

  • Clearing phone cache

  • Clearing app cache

  • Restarting phone in safe mode (issue still occurs, therefor not a third party app)

  • Full factory reset

Any idea on how to fix it or will I just have a buggy phone until the next update? For everyone else, do not install the latest update.


Re: Latest Update Breaks A50 Phone

I have exactly same issue, with my A50 (South east asia 128mb model)   SM-A505F/DS with an Australian SIM card (Boost from Telstra)


IMS service is the Messageing App

I have not tried Factory reset.


Problem completely solved by removing the SIM card  - not exactly the optimal solution, but does veriry the source of the issue.


the one thing different,  is that 24 hours after installing that update  about 1 week ago,  the problem went away.  Now last night the phone battery went flat.   Today after recharge the problem has returned.