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(Topic created on: 1/11/21 8:09 PM)
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For the past week, I have been receiving over 150 notification chimes a day with no notifications on my Galaxy A51 phone.   I finally found that they were coming from the Life360 app.  Chatted with Samsung about it, but while they confirmed they were from LIfe360, they said I would have to contact Life360 support for help since it is not a Samsung app.  


I have tried turning off notifications for most of the choices in the app, but some of they just come back on when I go out and back into that part of the notifications.


I really don't want to disable all the notifications on the app.  I want to keep notifications for arrivals and departures for the couple of contacts I have on the app.


I thought I would check on the Community to see if anyone has had a similar problem or had any suggestions before I went to Life360.  Any help will be much appreciated.  The chimes are driving me crazy!


Thanks so much to any suggestions!

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your best bet is contacting life360.