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Low temerature Temporary solution

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Hey Everyone


Heres another tip that possibly may help you out. Please note that this is a temporary solution; but this possibly may help you out if you find yourself in need of your phone when this situation occurs. 


For reference; I'm using the Note 10+ as the main example since I have this phone and have noticed this issue on my device. 


So here it is; If youre having low temp issues on your Note device; the reason is because theres a temperature sensor installed on the motherboard of your phone that reads the temperature of your phone's battery to protect it from either overheating or in this case being at such a low temp that the battery won't take in power.  So if one day you attempt to charge your phone and the battery indicator starts blinking and your phone will not charge; it definitely means the temperature sensor in your device has either come lose from the battery or its just malfunctioning altogether.


Temporary fix: When you notice this instance occuring: You can either first try toggling off and on both the Fast charging and the wireless charging settings in your settings menu and letting your devices battery "cool down for a few minutes and then toggling them both on then plugging your phone in again to see if that works. 

If not then the Second solution I reccomend is before plugging in your phone giving the back of it a little physical smack (yes Im being completely serious about this) then plugging it in.  I've noticed that when it did this the sensor in my Note 10+ seemed to allow the battery to be charged once again. don't be mistaken however, the low temp behavior will occur again and you will need to have your device repaired in order for it to function the way it should. 


Fortunately Samsung has partnered with Ubreakifix for hardware repairs so if you're having these issues and absolutely need your phone repaired; I'd recommend finding one in your area to have both your battery and your temp sensor replaced. 


I hope this has helped anyone understand how to troubleshoot this issue.

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i never use fast charging