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Low volume since update

(Topic created: 09-20-2021 10:31 AM)
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Since my latest Android update, my media and call volume is incredibly low on my Samsung A20. I can barely hear what's being said and I can even hear people talk over max volume music.

I've reset the cache. I've gone through the settings and set everything on max volume. It makes no difference.

Does anyone else have this? Has anyone found a fix? I've done all I can find short of a factory reset.

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Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator
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Hi, I am sorry to hear you are having low audio on your A20. Fortunately, while these steps do have some redundancies to what you have tried, there might be others you have not yet. Give this a shot:

Before you proceed, press the Volume Up key several times to increase the volume level, if needed. This will rule out the very obvious possibility about the phone’s volume that’s set to a lower level. If pressing the Volume Up key doesn’t do any good and you’re still facing the same low audio problem during phone calls, try the following methods to eliminate software-related factors from the underlying cause.

  1. Restart the phone (soft reset).

    If everything was working perfectly fine then suddenly you’re having trouble hearing phone call audio, it’s probably just a random glitch transpiring on the phone’s audio system. To clear out minor flaws like this, restarting the phone can help. 
    To restart the phone, just press and hold the Power/Side and Volume Down buttons for a few seconds then tap the Restart icon.
    A restart or soft reset on the phone can help fix various types of software-related issues and thereby clears out any associated random audio symptoms that might have caused low audio during phone calls.

    fix galaxy s20 low audio during calls - restart

  2. Turn Ringer switch off and on.

    Random sound issues can also be remedied by switching the ringer switch off for a few seconds and then turn it back on again. It’s like giving the system a quick refresh.
    To access and toggle the ringer switch, just open the notification panel then tap the Sound icon. It’s the second icon lined up in the notification panel, right next to the Wi-Fi icon. Tapping this icon will turn the ringer off or on. If the icon is greyed out, it means that it’s turned off and thus your phone is muted. If the icon is blue or highlighted, it means that the feature is turned on and ring mode is active.
    Launching the notification panel is done by swiping down from the top of the screen.

    fix galaxy s20 low audio during calls - turn mute on and off

  3. Check and manage Sound settings.

    Some controls and relevant settings on the phone might haven’t been properly configured and thus this results in low audio. To clear this out, check and manage the sound controls straight from the sound settings menu on the phone.
    To access and manage sound settings, go to Settings-> Sounds and vibration-> Volume menu then adjust the volume level for the ringtone, media, notifications, and system. To make necessary adjustments, simply drag the slider from left to right to increase the audio level or left to decrease.
    Also consider checking if the media volume limit is enabled on your device. To access this setting, simply tap the quick Menu icon (triple dots) located on the top-right corner of the Volume screen then tap Media volume limit. On the Media volume limit switch is turned on, the custom volume limit is enabled and could be the main reason why the sound is low when using headphones and Bluetooth audio devices during phone calls. In that case, just toggle the switch to turn the feature OFF.
    You can also enable the option to Use Volume keys for media to control the media volume by default when you press the Volume keys.

    fix galaxy s20 low audio during calls - adjust volume settings

  4. Disable Bluetooth connections.

    If your phone is currently paired or connected to a Bluetooth accessory, it’s sound will be routed to the Bluetooth device. As a result, you won’t hear a sound coming from the built-in speaker. To rule this out, disconnect all Bluetooth connections by disabling the phone’s Bluetooth function.
    To disable Bluetooth, go to Settings-> Connections-> Bluetooth menu and then toggle the switch to turn Bluetooth off. 
    Turning Bluetooth off will disconnect your Galaxy A20 from any nearby Bluetooth devices and thereby rules out the possibility that the sound output is routed to a Bluetooth-enabled accessory that’s paired with your phone.

    fix galaxy s20 low audio during calls - disable bluetooth

  5. Install new firmware updates, if available.

    Should the problem be inflicted by some system bugs and errors, installing the latest firmware update will likely fix it. Software updates not only bring in new features but also deliver fix patches to address system issues caused by stubborn bugs. 
    To check for new updates, just go to Settings-> Software update menu then tap Download and Install. Wait for your phone to check for updates and download the latest firmware version available.
    Make sure that your phone is sufficiently charged and has a stable internet connection. When the update is completely downloaded, tap the Install Now button. Doing so will prompt the device to install the new update.
    Typically, the phone will restart automatically after the update is installed, so just wait patiently until it’s finished rebooting.
    Then try to place a test call to your Galaxy A20 to check and see if the low audio problem is gone already.

    fix galaxy s20 low audio during calls - update software

Please let me know if this helps.