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Memos in memo app deleted after what seems to be a software update on Samsung J1; no backups

So I was instructed by Samsung Support from Facebook to write some sort of post in the forums so as to let the concerned team know about cases like this in the future


I don't remember how exactly it happened, but as usual I tried charging my Samsung J1 when the battery went low, Wi-Fi on. I'm not sure if I pressed something or it triggered on its own, but I was surprised to see the Google Play Music icon change. Also all my clocks were reverted, alarms deleted, and all my accounts were logged out.


Worst out of all these is that I was shocked to find all my memos under the Memo app gone. Apparently there's no way to get them back now since I didn't make any backups, according to Samsung Support, and by finding nothing (*.memo) on the file directories after connecting them to my computer.


Perhaps for now I'll have to find a memo app that does cloud backups of some sort, but I hope it doesn't happen to anyone again in the future.