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I will not be returning to read any comments left here, this is an open letter I wrote to the CEO of Samsung at s.jo@samsung.com but his email address has been disabled so I am leaving the letter here. I hope that the information finds him or anyone else in Samsung that can make a difference:


Hello Sir,


  • I just wanted to know that I left 10 years of Apple and iPhone for the freedom of Android OS and the versatility of the Galaxy. I have been very happy with my Samsung S10 I purchased last year but when the time comes to get a new phone, I will not be buying your latest flagship again unless you bring back micro SD card support. If I wanted to be boxed into not being able to use SD cards, I would have just stayed with restrictive Apple. Please remember the reason many have left and will continue to leave Apple and purchase Samsung phones is freedom. I feel like, in trying to compete with Apple (when that's unnecessary as this S10 is clearly far superior to any apple product), you are becoming too much like them and taking away the very freedoms that made this brand stick out, that made it great to begin with. You are taking away the very reasons that made me switch in the first place. Please remain better than Apple and keep the greatness that had set this brand apart from the rest. Please bring back the micro SD card functionality so that when the time comes for me to get a new phone, I can remain with Samsung. 


Thank you.



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