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Microphone turns on automatically using Message app

(Topic created: 02-17-2024 06:32 AM)
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Here are the phone details:

- Galaxy A14 5G; Model SM-A146U

- One UI v6.0; Android v.14

- Samsung Messages App v.


I use voice-to-text function when using Messages. 

After I complete dictating my thoughts, I press the microphone "icon" to stop recording, review the message, then press the Send "icon" to transmit the text. 

I do not go to the keyboard view; the microphone icon is still displayed during the text review and when I press Send. 

Immediately after pressing Send, the microphone comes back on as if I am going to dictate another text. 

This has occured only in the past few weeks.  Was a software pushed recently that caused this to happen?

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