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Moving Images From SD Card Back To Phone A13 5G

(Topic created: 11-29-2022 06:01 PM)
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I bought an SD card today to move images from the internal storage to the card then back onto phone.
 Reason I have to do that is while on remote support with Samsung the person thought my complaint was connectivity. But I stated that I wanted to fund out a way to block a Bluetooth device that showed up after I moved into my new place (see picture) The new device has the same name as my speakers but all lower case. 
While my phone was being controlled by support this guy went to my Bluetooth settings and clicked the suspect device!!! Then when he got off chat I went to connections settings and WiFi and NFC Contactless Payment were toggled on!!! Just got off the phone with support. They stated that since the phone is no longer in warranty they can provide me any additional support. Even though..... 
 I bought a car


d put it in and moved between internal storage to card. But I tried to move images back to internal and I cannot. Is there a setting? Thanks so much.
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I'd be weary of cloned names.. Might be a form of attack. The device type icon doesn't even appear the same.

But all you can do is not pair with it; The phone will always show any nearby devices.
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Go to the 3 dots when it says available devices and click settings and block the device