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Moving on from Samsung

After several years of unreliable service from my Galaxy Express Prime I purchased an Apple phone. From the first day that I started using my Galaxy phone I had ongoing problems. I have a basement office and never knew if calls would connect. Often I would dial and the call wouldn't go anywhere. When I spoke to my son on my Samsung he would regularly comment that my voice sounded like I was in a tin can. From day#1 I never had more than one bar of signal strength no matter where I was located in Canada or USA. When I contacted Samsung they told me the problem was my carrier. I called AT&T who told me the probelm was with the phone. The end result was that neither Samsung nor AT&T offered any solution so I just lived with marginal cell phone service and did most of my work on a landline until I finally gave up and bought an Apple which has none of the Samsung problems. Although I liked the Samsung phone features it is highy unikely I will purchase another one. The Apple phone is pricier but worth it to me. My experience with Samsung wasn't worth repeating.


Re: Moving on from Samsung

So buy a $75 dollar fone complain about quality. Then spend nearly 7x's that on a iPhone. Now you say everything about iPhone is better🤣😂😅