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Music Stuttering - Galaxy A50

(Topic created: 12-04-2021 11:29 AM)
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Hey all, been having some trouble with playing music on my A50. It seems that files, more-or-less at-random, will become corrupted when transferred from PC to phone, so that when played they stutter and skip; the file plays, but it's pretty much unlistenable.

I usually use Samsung Music, but I've tested it on other music player apps and gotten the same results, and I know it's not a function of the original files because they play perfectly fine on the PC where I store them. I've also checked file types, and while there are a few file formats in my music library that Samsung music won't play, the tracks with the stuttering/skipping issue are not in any of those formats; they are the same file type as tracks that play completely normally (AAC Audio). I've also tried erasing the files from my phone and re-copying them over and gotten the same result; the same tracks reliably have the same problem.

Does anyone have some insight into what's going on, and if it's fixable (and if so, how do I go about doing that)?

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