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My fingerprint sensor isn't working!

I recently broke my Samsung Galaxy A51 screen and got a replacement screen authorized worker. After I got my phone back I saw a notification that there was a fingerprint update or something like that and my fingerprint wasn't getting recognized, so I decided to remove it and try to add it again. I couldn't add a new fingerprint, I just got error messages. I tried restarting my phone, turning off the security and turning it back on, factory data reseting it. Also I don't have a protective tempered glass. Nothing seems to work. Has anyone got this problem? Is it because of the update or because of the replacement screen or when they were replacing the screen they damaged the sensor?


Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: My fingerprint sensor isn't working!

Thank you for reaching out. It would be hard to determine which is causing the issue, the update, or the repairs. I would recommend reaching back out to the service center that performed the repairs for further evaluation.

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