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My phone shows full of "Other" and is no longer working right

Please read carefully as it seems others have not understood the problem .
So here's a photo of my screen showing the problem:
samsung j7 storage problem.jpgAs you can see, it shows that my Internal Storage is 16 gigs only a little over 1/10 of a gig is being used for the apps and system... with "OTHER" taking up 15.45 GIGS! "OTHER" is my problem!


So every day or two my friend and I are getting Warnings that our phones may not work right due to it being FULL. (He has a different Samsung phone than mine.)
But what is it full of??? What IS "Other"??

Everything possible (apps, photos, documents) is going on to the SD card, NOT the Internal memory!
So the internal memory shows 150 MEGAbytes yet it then shows 15.5 GIGS of "OTHER".

So the "Other" is making my phone virtually unusable because every day it says it's too full. I can get rid of some cache and junk and then it works for another day or two, then it says TOO FULL again!
Again, ALL photos, videos etc are going to the SD CARD NOT the internal memory!

WHAT IS "Other"??? Where does it live on the phone and how do I delete it??

I've had this phone for about 1 and 1/2 years and it has worked fine until a couple months ago, and before I didn't even store everything on the SD card.

I am guessing (?) that this is a Samsung BUG, caused by updates to the System... ? Maybe it is not deleting the old software when it adds the new? Just a guess but this only started happening after the last update or 2nd back...


So specifically I need to know how to fix this!
How do I get rid of the 15.5 GIGS of "OTHER" that is clogging my phone?
How much of "Other" is the System?
Surely it's not just coincidence that this is happening to my friend and I's Samsung phones and no one else's! ?
Please help us fix this!


The Software information on my J7 is this:
One UI version: 1.1
Android version: 9
Baseband version J701MUBS7CSG2
Kernel version 3.18.91-xxxxx
#1 Tue July 30xxxxx.... KST 2019
Security software updated Aug 2019
Any other info you need, please ask...


Re: My phone shows full of "Other" and is no longer working right

Other is apps and app updates installed. You will have to free up space by deleting some apps. Software update put you over the top on free space.

Cosmic Ray

Re: My phone shows full of "Other" and is no longer working right

Have you deleted the temporary files using device care in your settings. Frankly 16GB isn't enough for internal storage. Even though you have an SD card many things can only be stored on the internal storage. I'm not surprised you are running out of room 32 GB is the minimum I recommend getting in a Android phone. 64 GB is would be better. 128 GB should be plenty for most people. I recommend upgrading your phone.


Re: My phone shows full of "Other" and is no longer working right

I have checked very carefully by using DETAILS to add up ALL the folders in my Internal Memory and it comes out to 500mb (MEGAbytes).
So that leaves 15.5 gigs free.
How much does the system itself take up in Internal memory? I have heard that it "only" takes up around 9 GIGabytes.

So... if that is true  - even if the System takes up, say 12 Gigs - that still leaves me with 4 gigs minus the 1/2 gig I can account for, so 3.5 gigs free.
Yet after checking ALL folders as above, using details on every folder in Internal Memory, my phone is constantly warning me it is out of memory.

Now, if the phone only uses, say, 10gigs for its System, which I think is more likelym, then where are the other 5.5 gigs going and how do I delete them if they're hidden?

I have used cache cleaner daily, I have moved all apps that can possibly be moved to the SD card which has 8gigs left on it out of 16, I have gotten rid of every unused app that ALLOWS me to (Unfortunately the phone comes stocked with TONS of stuff that has no option for Uninstalling!) ...

So, since I cannot afford to buy a new  phone and my 1.5 year old J7 should work just fine with 16gigs memory, I think, what can I do?
And again, WHAT are these 15.5 gigs being used for and WHERE are they on my phone?

[And honestly, if a 16 gig memory phone will not work well due to Samsung using it all for Internal Memory, then Samsung should not sell 16 gig memory phones! Granted, bigger is always better. But many cannot afford the extra money and I really think (Please show me a link if I am wrong!) a 16 gig memory phone with only 500 mb being used for personal storage (docs, music, photos) SHOULD work. Do you not agree? ]

My main question, again, is HOW MUCH MEMORY/STORAGE does the System take (stats given in first post), and WHERE are these obviously hidden files that are jamming up my phone? And how do I delete them?


Thanks to anyone who can answer this inquiry!