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Nintendo Switch Controller lag

I recently tried pairing a nintendo switch pro controller to my Galaxy A70 to use for gaming, seeing how bluetooth controller support was added with Android 10. However, all the button presses are extremely delayed and don't function as expected. We tested the same controller on my brother's google Pixel 2 and it worked normally. We then tested an xbox one controller on the phone and it worked normally. Is there a solution, and will I have to wait for an update? Thanks!

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Nintendo Switch Controller lag



Have you tried resetting your network settings on your device recently?


  1. From the home screen select Settings.
  2. In the next step choose General management.
  3. After that tap Reset and Reset Network Settings.
  4. Then select Reset Settings.
  5. Confirm the whole operation by tapping Reset.

I also see that your device is not a non-US model and the support for these devices is very limited, if you are still experiencing issues with your concerns, I recommend reaching out to the support in your area. You can do so by using this link: