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Note 20

Hope when Samsung  comes out with the note  20 later this year.

They don't try to leave the same processor  that the Galaxy S20 has.

Why, because  right after it comes out. 

A brand new snap dragon  processor  is going to be released. 

If you do.

A lot of folks are gonna be mad at Samsung. 

I like your note line.

I have no idea in my life, why you removed  the finger print  sensor from the back of the phone.

I totally  dislike  the FPS on the front of the phone..

If you totally  remove  the FPS. 

I will not buy another  Samsung..

My wife don't want to upgrade her note 9.

Why, she likes where her FPS  is on it.

It seems like Samsung  tries very hard to mess up a good phone.


It's bad enough that we have to deal with Bixby.

And Samsung  pay.

Cause we can't delete them from the phone.

But to put the FPS on the screen. 

How many  meetings  did you have  To mess that up.