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Phone Reset, Recover Data

How do I recover data?  My phone flashed an error code something about couldn't verify a code then gave me the only option - to reset.  I crossed my fingers I wouldn't lose everything and hit reset.  It reset itself to 1 year ago and deleted all recent texts and contacts.  No pictures survived but some - up to Jan - were on my Amazon photos.  How can I recover my stuff and ensure this doesn't happen again?  This happened about a year ago and I thought the T-Mobile guy had set my phone up to automatically back up, but apparently not.
Cosmic Ray

Re: Phone Reset, Recover Data

Not sure what model phone you have but most (assuming you configured backup) can be restored from the cloud...

• Settings > Accounts and Backup > Backup and Restore > Restore Data

This can be done from either your Samsung Account or your Google Account.

As for Amazon Photos, once you restore or reinstall the application and login, it should re-sync your photos that were saved to the cloud.