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Predictive text while swiping worked better 10 years ago

(Topic created: 05-31-2022 07:22 AM)
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I have a Samsung A51 phone through AT&T and notice that the predictive text when swiping to type was actually better on my Samsung Note 2 - 10 years ago! The Note seemed to learn to predict *me* - the A51 seems to know the predictions of people around the world. It is really annoying! I constantly have to tell the phone to unlearn words and names that aren't even in English! If every time I type the start of my address the Note learned to predict the rest, but the A51 doesn't remember me or what I tend to type following my house numbers. It's very frustrating! I don't need people's names in predictive text - unless I've typed them before. I don't need words in other languages - unless I've typed them before. I want basic English predictive text loaded like on the early Notes and then for the darn thing to learn me, predict what I will type and then transfer that learning every time I upgrade to new phone! Also with the swiping, the Note seemed to know what word would likely go next based on the swiping approximation - the A51 OS seems to require I be more accurate/precise and even when I am, it sometimes refuses to put the right word in so I switch to tap typing it out.

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