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Problem with Jordan agent

(Topic created: 08-07-2021 11:21 AM)
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Dear Samsung,


I am a customer from Jordan my name is Yazan Khaled, but i don't want to contact Jordan agent, they are fraud

I've brought most of my electrical equipment from Samsung and i believe in you, but the support in here are the worst

last week was my first time to take my phone for repairing "it got into the water"

after 1 week of of calling and checking to see what happened they told me that it has been repaired 

so i took it on Wednesday or Thursday and they change the screen and the Power charger plug

I've put the phone on charger yesterday but when i wake up today, the screen was broken all of it, and the broke start from the charger point

when I went to the agent they told me that this is my problem and the screen was original, but it wasn't, I've used original so i know that it wont break so easily even if the phone felt, i went to local store and they told me that this is not original but the agent charge me with original screen price


i contact the agent and told them i want to meet the manager, they send me to a worker with red T-shirt and pretended to be the manager , and he told me "go ahead and contact global Samsung", and started laughing with the girl next to him, if you have access to the office camera you can see that what I said is true

My phone is Samsung Galaxy A71 and you can see it in the record

I really don't know what to do, I will buy a new phone but i don't want Samsung phone because of the agent in Jordan




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