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Problems with software after android 10 update

Hey, samsung. I'll get straight to the point–my phone's battery is draining ridiculously fast after the android 10 update, while it used to last more than a day with 20% left. No, don't give me tips or advice on how to save battery/make it last longer, i have tried all of that. And I'm convinced that it's a software issue after the update. Just fix the software, please, there are people like me who legit work and study through their phones. This is my request. Please.


Re: Problems with software after android 10 update

I purchased my Galaxy S10 about a month ago and just started using it and was unable to Text or call from day 1 because of error 407 which says "Unable To Update Profile" I tried the workaround that didn't work so in the meantime the basics you expect texting and calling are useless. So if I need to contact someone they have to have email or Facebook. I have a lot of companies that send me texts and reminders so no texts no reminders of important dates and appointments. Well they CAN'T call me by phone either. This is just not acceptable! I switched to a Samsung phone of all the positive reviews and didn't want to spend as much but I did. Now with the issue of error 407 I'm hesitant to even purchase another Samsung phone! If it's happend to other models of Samsung which there are a few what's to say it won't happen on other models so in the meantime I have a $700 phone which was charged my 1st payment a few days ago with Boost. I don't want this phone and how do I handle this. As I said up
above I don't want another Samsung to exchange. I am so disappointed with Samsung....