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Receiving indexing contacts message when trying to search for people in my contacts list

(Topic created: 05-13-2021 08:35 AM)
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I have a Samsung A71 5G and for over 3 weeks now, I have had the message when i try to search for people in my contacts list: "we're indexing your contacts to make search better, but you'll have to search for exact names till that's done."  Does anyone know a resolution to this issue?  I have tried clearing the cache, deleting all my contacts, re-starting, updating, etc.  Would greatly appreciate any advice, thanks. 

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I have an S20+ with the same exact issue & error message; obviously this is a global issue systemic to their mass updates common to all devices.

I posted the matter for the my device in a separate thread under the SG20 tag.

I am assuming this is software error in which the indexing functionality, if any, is crashing. I went as far as clearing the cache partition and app cache etc all to no avail. It was working flawlessly up till the most second-last update; the one prior to the last one. Whatever they did in the contacts list made the search function FUBAR.

I want to believe that the development team is aware of the matter and is urgently PRIORITIZING their tasks to resolve the issue soon; I am just unhappy that they are taking so long. It has been almost 2 months that I cannot search contacts by relevant keywords.

This is very unlike Samsung.