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Recent Pie 9 update wont allow Amazon music or bluetooth to connect to my car.

So my phone ( Galaxy J7 Crown) had recently underwent its android update. I generally never had issues with an android update before, however this time it seems thats all I have. First, my bluetooth with hook up to my earbuds with out an issue, but it will not connect to my 2013 Suzuki. My car is not that old, so I dont understand how the bluetooth software in it could be. My bluetooth will not connect to my car each time and when I want to play my Amazon music app via bluetooth to my car, it shows the phone is supposedly connected to my car, however it does not play anything, yet I see the music on my phone. Secondly, this update has KILLED my battery! I pride myself on having android tech and not being an apple user who's phone only keeps a 3hr charge. I had disabled the IU Home software and that seemed to work, yet when I turn on bluetooth, my phone lags like no other and drains my battery. Anyone else dealing with this or have issues similar?