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Regarding Volte Calls On Samsung A51 Mobile

(Topic created on: 1/21/21 8:12 AM)
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One of the problems from the beginning is that when the VOLTE Option is turned on in the set, sometimes the other party cannot hear me after making a call, but I can hear everything from the other party. Then I/He was forced to cut the call and call again. Sometimes I can finish the call without any problem. But if I turn off the VOLTE option, the problem does not occur. When I contact the service center of Samsung about the problem, I have to open the set and check the microphone. But I'm not in favor of opening the new set.


Since the problem does not occur if the VOLTE option is turned off, so I am currently using the set with VOLTE off. There is no problem, but the HD call is not.


My point is that if you want to make HD call, you have to have VOLTE Enable set, SIM and line on both sides, if it is on one side, then HD call will not happen but why stop talking?

Please fix the problem very soon.


I look forward to your early response.




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