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SOLUTION: Gear IconX 2018 LED Charging lights stay on and sound issues

So I ran across several posts with this issue and Samsung neglects to list an Actual solition to the problem. So I scoured through a couple posts and came across various solotions that I will list here in one post to make it easier to find for everyone with this issue.

Here is a link to one troubleshooting guide that has helped several people( special thanks to @userciuRftVy94):


How to Hard Reset your earbuds:


So I ran into the LED charging lights issue staying on the other day and all I did was take my Earbuds out of the case and a rubbing alcohol swab and cleaned all the contacts on the ear buds and in the case and it corrected the issue. If the case cant get good contact then it will continue to try and charge the earbuds until the batteries die. This is also a common issue with degraded sound quality, these earbuds require regular maintnece and need to be cleaned on a regular basis. I also use Q-tips to clean the case and earbuds as well from time to time. You also also need to clean out or replace the tiny screens covering the holes on the earbuds. You may have gotten a little kit with a brush and several replacement screens with your earbuds, if not contact samsung support and they will send it out to you free of charge.  I hope this little quick guide helps those in need. 

How to reset | Samsung Gear IconX 2018, In this video, I show how to reset Samsung Gear IconX 2018, I also show where the reset button is located. Comment below if you need any help, someone may be able to help you with your problem. Still haven't Subscribed to my Channel? Click this link ...