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Samsung A20 Software Update messed Wi-Fi Calling

So my phone kept after me to let the software update, so I let it. Now the Wi-Fi Calling feature is not working anymore. I have been on the phone with 4 different Consumer Cellular support associates, and none of them could help me. We have reset the network on their end and on mine, but no luck. They suggest to contact Samsung to make a patch. I then even tried a complete phone factory reset, and still no luck with Wi-Fi Calling. My wife's phone's Wi-Fi Calling is still working fine.
Any suggestions to get Wi-Fi Calling to work again after this new Samsung Software Update?
Should Samsung make a patch for the new software?


Re: Samsung A20 Software Update messed Wi-Fi Calling

Looking like the Samsung software update om my A20 made many changes, which now makes it impossible to use WiFi Calling. I can no longer find VoLTE settings, even with a search. Various other settings have disappeared and are no longer available.
I have chatted for hours with my network provider and with Samsung Support, and have had no luck getting WiFi Calling to work.
The Samsung Software Security Patch level: September1, 2020, has completely denied me of using WiFi Calling on my A20.